• Long Lasting

  • 100% organic

  • Water Proof

  • Activity Proof

  • SPF30+

  • Vegan

Choosing the perfect shade

Embrace confidence with our Base Foundation range! Featuring 12 beautiful shades and our Shade Guarantee, we ensure you always find your perfect match. Never worry about choosing the wrong shade again - we'll exchange it for free!

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How do I find the right shade?

Our 12 shades are divided into four segments:
Light: Confident (neutral undertone), Fresh
(yellow undertone), Rebellious (yellow
undertone) and Sophisticated (neutral
Medium: Brave (neutral undertone), Energetic
(pink undertone), Unique (yellow undertone),
Tanned: Golden (yellow undertone), Passionate
(neutral undertone), Ambitious (orange
Dark: Radiant (yellow undertone) Powerful (red

*If you need help with your shade, we have a shade guarantee, please contact us through our contact page or social media platforms and send a picture of your face and we will help you with the right shade, if the shade wouldn't be correct for your skin tone, we will change it for you free of charge*

I have very dry skin, can I use The Base Foundation?

If you have very dry skin it is important that you
moisturize your skin properly before applying
The Base foundation. The Base Primer is a
hydrating primer that works excellent on dry
skin. It is important that the moisturizer you use
does not contain any oil, since The Base
foundation is oil-soluble. You can also mix The
Base foundation with your moisturizer, that
usually helps if you have dry skin (or if you just
want a little bit lighter coverage).

How do I apply The Base Foundation? I do not want it to look cakey

Visit the Application Guide to get an idea of how to apply every product we have.

How high coverage is The Base Foundation?

The Base foundation has buildable coverage.
For light coverage: mix 1/3 pump of The Base
with your moisturiser. For medium coverage: use
1/2 pump of The Base. For high coverage: apply
2-3 pumps - the first layer should be worked into
the skin with a wet sponge or your fingers and
the second layer should be gently dabbed onto
the skin to not remove the first layer.

The Base Foundation feels sticky on my skin, what do I do?

The Base foundation feels moist on your skin
and that is the property that prevents it from
cracking during the day and makes it last up to
72 hours. However – it is not supposed to feel
sticky. If it feels sticky, it is probably because you
used too much. So please try with using a
smaller amount of foundation. If you do not like
the moist feeling you can add some powder or
take a paper cloth and gently press it onto your
skin, then the foundation won’t feel as moist